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When should I make my reservation?

ASAP! As one of Lake Ontario’s top charters, our schedule fills up quickly. We recommend making reservations anywhere from 6 months to a year in advance. Call today to reserve your spot on the boat!

What should I bring with me?

We supply everything needed for fishing. But we highly recommend you bring the following:

  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Lunch
  • Drink

Medium-sized cooler (to stow your catch)
Mask per current Covid-19 requirements**

A note about coolers. Please refrain from bringing a huge cooler on board. An over-sized cooler is not only unnecessary, but takes up valuable space on board and creates a tripping hazard.

What should I wear?

Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Keep in mind it is usually a bit cooler on the water than on land. Bring a rain jacket if there’s a chance for showers. We also ask our guests to wear sneakers with non-marking soles and NO OPEN-TOE FOOTWEAR.

How much does it cost?

Prices depend on the season, number of guests in your party, and other variables. Contact Captain King today for more info and to get on his schedule for the best trout and salmon fishing Lake Ontario has to offer

Any other costs to consider?

Yes. We encourage our guests to factor in gratuity for our first mate, who assists our anglers with their rods and reels, netting fish, and running the deck in general (15-20% is customary).

Do you require a deposit for the trip?

Yes. We require $200 deposit when you make your reservation, and the remaining balance on the day of the trip.

What if I have to cancel my reservation?

Life happens. We understand. And we always encourage our guests to reschedule rather than cancel their trip outright. If you must cancel, anything outside of 30 days is acceptable to retain your deposit. But guests who cancel within 30 days forfeit their deposit (we consider extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis).

Will I definitely catch fish?

We know all the best hot spots on Lake Ontario, but nature is hard to predict perfectly. Wind, temperature, time of day, time of year, and other naturally changing patterns all have an effect on fishing - with weather being the single most important variable. With the frequent winds on Lake Ontario, it’s well known that, “west is best, east is least” for fishing. When we have stable winds from the west or northwest, we can expect the fishing to be good. We make every effort to find fish regardless of the winds, and our track record is proven. But we’re always at the mercy of mother nature. Call the Captain today for more information on which time of year and time of day is best for landing a world-class trout or salmon, and we’ll get you our schedule for an unforgettable lake fishing experience!

Can I keep what I catch?

Yes. You sure can! In fact, once back at the dock, we’ll clean and wrap your catch for you at no additional cost!

What about existing health conditions or age?

Safety at sea is our top priority. When making reservations, please let Captain King know if you have any existing health condition that could compromise your safety, affect your balance (in possibly 6-foot seas!) or make it physically difficult to haul in and handle a 20-30 pound fish on your own. The same is true of age; if too young or too old, the trip may prove very difficult for some and downright dangerous for others. We want everyone to be able to experience the absolute thrill of landing a massive trout or king salmon, but we also need to know if health, mobility, or age should be considered. Each case is different and we are happy to make reasonable accommodations to ensure a safe and fun experience. Call the Captain today to discuss further.

Is alcohol and tobacco allowed onboard?

Yes. Smoking and chewing tobacco is allowed on the boat, as long as it is done with respect for others onboard. We do permit alcohol, but we remind our guests to drink responsibly. We want our anglers to relax and have a good time - but we want them to do so safely, courteously, and responsibly.


Are you prone to motion sickness or car sickness? If so there are a few things that can be done to minimize your chances of becoming sea sick. First and foremost, refrain from alcohol prior to or during your trip. Instead, staying hydrated with water is strongly recommended. Eating a balanced, light meal before boarding the boat is also helpful. There is over the counter medication known as dramamine that can be taken to minimize sea sickness and its effects. At your physicians discretion, it is best to take a dose of dramamine the night before your trip, before bed, and another dose as your rise in the morning in preparation for your trip. In our experience, taking it once you arrive at the boat will give you minimal results. These are general recommendations. You should always consult your physician before taking any over-the-counter medications.

I’m ready! How do I book my trip?

Call Captain King today to get on our schedule!

(315) 529-7821

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